Highroads Medical Clinic

#731-550 West Broadway

Vancouver, BC  V5Z 0E9

TEL: 604 620 2996

FAX: 604 566 2997



We are five family physicians working in this clinic.  The original group began working together in the Fall of 2006. Our clinic can be found on the third floor in the Gordon and Leslie Diamond Health Care Centre at 2775 Laurel Street, Vancouver. We are the only family physicians in this building and our clinic is known as the Westcoast Family Practice Centre.

The physicans in the clinic are Drs Grant Ayling, Laurie Bootsman, Art Harpur, Margo Sweeny and Andrew Gilmore.

Dr Gilmore is our most recent addition and his curriculum vitae follows.

Dr. Gilmore hails from the United Kingdom and brings over twenty years of medical experience to our team. He undertook his medical training at the University of Leicester where he qualified in 1989.  He was also awarded his medical school’s Pharmacology and Therapeutics prize upon graduating.

A successful internship year was followed by a two-year rotation in internal medicine and then a three- year residency program in Family Medicine in the Oxford Deanery, UK.

Dr. Gilmore was awarded his Certificate of Prescribed Experience for Family Medicine in 1994 and was awarded Membership of the Royal College of General Practice in 1996.

From  1995 until this summer Dr Gilmore worked in a highly successful training Family Medicine Centre in Northampton, UK where he developed a particular interest in hypertension and cardiovascular medicine.